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A long time ago, in a Somerville apartment not too far away...

It was a time of political division and despair. tRebel voices, singing in a public place, are rallying a resistance campaign against the forces of hopelessness and apathy.

...and the resistance is growing...

We are the Treble Alliance, a progressive activist a cappella group based in the Boston area. We began in the throes of despair following the 2016 election, and our mission is to use our voices to reduce apathy, promote hope, and inspire activism in those who hear us sing. We follow the traditions of great activist music acts such as Sweet Honey in the Rock, Joan Collins, Nina Simone, the Burns Sisters, and many others.

Meet The Team

Endless Night 11.jpg

Laura Honeywood


Laura (a.k.a. Wood) is a teacher/ rock star who is passionate about voting rights, LGBTQIA+, & BLM movements. 

Wood's greatest achievement to date is holding a red panda 🐼. "It was so soft!!"

Her favorite ice cream flavor is coffee oreo and favorite music term is Mixolydian.


Laura Corliss

(she/ her)

Corliss is in the business of helping restaurants and bars succeed. Her favorite game is poker and if she could have a super power, it would be shapeshifting. 

Laura is passionate about voting access, income inequality, and environmental justice. 

She also loves grape nut custard.


Emma Borjigin-Wang

(she/ her)

Bio coming soon! 


Lorraine Fryer 

Lorraine is in the field of internet/ graphic design and is passionate about housing rights, voting rights, & healthcare access (or lack thereof). 

Lorraine's favorite board game is TROGDOR!!! and if they could have a superpower it would be the ability to absorb (not take but share) abilities from other people.

My name is Ren & I really like sunflower

Ren Workman



Ren is interested and works for food justice in all aspects. They are passionate about racial justice, housing inequity, and the fact that there is enough food to feed everyone on this planet. 

Ren's album that they can't stop listening to is The Paradox by Jacob Banks. 

Their favorite ice cream flavor is all of them. 

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